Becoming a good designer

Designing is genuinely a good and a lucrative career option. Specially for those who are creative and ones with good designing skills both technically using programs and practically by hands. In terms of Technically skilled we shall genrelize people those have good command over programs and software used for designing websites and graphics such as photoshop, html, css, wordpress etc. Whereas ones with good sketching can be categorised as practical approaches for designing and are extremely helpful if someone wants to become a graphic or a logo designer.

Including a good salary and big international companies designing has many other perks that makes it an ideal occupation. Such as work from home specially in current corona lockdown situation and freelancing on internet via upwork, freelancer etc a designer can work from anywhere and at anytime. Exposure is another variable that makes designer an awesome job role. You shall get to work for clients from all backgrounds and cultures, you shall get to learn a lot that shall add to your portfolio and to you as an individual.

How to begin:

To become a designer, you should think creatively, out of the box and intuitively about anything and for everything. Its realy not complicated or overwhelming when you know what you are doing. It becomes your reflex that helps you to act unconciously without ever noticing.No matter you are good at sketching or not you need to think critically if how your solution can add to any given scenario or a product.

If you are studying yet, you need to focus more on html, css, coding in general as having good understanding of coding is a big plus if you want to make designing your career. Additionally it shall give you a good orientation toward designing. It shall make you understand what a business is? What components does a business contains? and What components makes a business helps to stand out and get attention? Because basically somewhat information that is displayed on a website is same for a particular targeted client or a potential buyer. Such as real estate website are always different than those of travel booking websites but are similar to other property listing sites. Therefore, it shall help you to understand basic structures of two or more sites.

You can find thousands of courses and videos on the internet to learn designing from home both full time and part time. Highly recommended sites for online education related to designing are and from 5$ and onwards. Upon completing your education, you can choose to apply for an internship. Companies are continuously looking out for young and aspiring talents as their next interns and employees. Which can easily be converted to full time job if you perform outstanding and get to amaze your company with your skills. You can look out for an internship or a job easily on or

Whether you have become a professional designer or not it is also very important to keep yourself updated. Specially to try your luck in designing, it will be extremely helpful to know all the latest trends, tools and tricks related to designing and how other designers are professionals are contributing to the industry. Some of the best places where you can keep yourself updated as a designer are and instagram. However we shall also suggest to subscribe below with your email id to receive all the latest tips and tricks related to designing and more to keep yourself updated. Thanks!